Sunday, May 1, 2011

Who is Sumiko Braun AKA Sumi, and Why she can't be Trusted

This information is presented to inform others in our community about the deliberate actions and informant-like behavior of an individual who has infringed on the safety and overall security of our community and organizations.

This person is known as Sumiko Braun , AKA "Sumi".

Sumi used to be a member of Cop Watch LA and R.A.C (Revolutionary Autonomous Communities) until she was kicked out in 2007 for her distrusting and deliberate attempts to infringe in the security of the organization, the personal safety of others and the working relationships between members.

While Sumi was a member of Cop Watch LA, the organization was well under surveillance and closely monitored by various law enforcement agencies including the LAPD, FBI, US Probation Office and others. All members of Cop Watch LA were well aware of this and had a very direct and frequently reminded understanding of security culture. The organization was successful in helping to expose police brutality incidents on an international level and therefor attracted a great deal of attention , especially from law enforcement. Members of the organization were frequently targeted and closely monitored by local police and federal authorities (FBI, USPO, DOJ, ATF, etc.).

In early 2007 Sumi was in a relationship with another member, Joaquin, who was also a member of Cop Watch LA and RAC. Both got married but separated just a few months afterward. . ."Relationship drama" is no interest to us, it is an exclusive matter and should be consulted within the appropriate private enviornment.

However, at the time of these divorce court and custody hearings , Sumi deliberately made a number of statements on signed affidavits to a judge which had nothing to do with Joaquin or their past relationship, but instead focused on falsely accusing Cop Watch LA and RAC as being involved in illegal underground violent activity. She made these statements knowing both organizations were still closely watched by police and federal authorities.

(see below)

These affidavits and documents were signed by Sumiko Braun and presented and filed on record in a court.

Why would an individual make such a statement jeopardizing the safety of those in or affiliated with these organizations whom she used to be a part of? Why would Sumi make such statements indicating that both organizations run an underground armed wing with a "violent agenda"

As some of you may know, given the line of work both organizations are involved in , federal prosecutors interpret such rhetoric as a group with a politically motivated intent to commit acts of violence against the government and or government employees , and conspiracy to commit acts terrorism in the instances of a foreseeable risk. Section 809 eliminates the statute of limitations for any federal crime of terrorism (as defined by 18 U.S.C. ? 2332b(g)(5)(B) and as amended by section 808) for instances in which " the commission of such offense resulted in, or created a foreseeable risk of, death or serious bodily injury to another person".

This alone carries 8-20+ years in prison.

In another statement , Sumi refers to both organizations whom she belonged to as an "extremist cult" and that the only time she embraced a "violent ideology" was when she associated with "the cult"

Interestingly , Sumi has pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting listed as a 'skill' on her online resume (

snapshot from:

Nonetheless, Sumi's actions speak louder than her words. After Sumi was kicked out of Cop Watch LA, she resulted to death threats. Sumi stated that she was visiting the shooting range with another individual (pictured below holding her Glock 9 MM) to get target practice. She briefly stated to other members of Cop Watch LA that she was training to "blast" another member of Cop Watch LA whom she apparently did not like.

Two days later this photo with Sumi's GLOCK 9MM pistol pointed at the camera (being held in shooting position by her new participant who was never a member of either organization) had been sent via text message to another member of Cop Watch LA.

When Sumi was asked about the death threats and the photo she attempted to deny all responsibility stating she had nothing to do with it. Her friend , however , who's holding Sumi's gun in the photo was also confronted. She stated both her and Sumi were both mutually involved in the act.

Shortly after the threats Sumi claimed her Glock 9MM pistol went missing. She claimed it was stolen and called the LAPD and filed a report stating her ex-husband stole her gun making him in illegal possession of a stolen firearm. Of course without any evidence or witness.

Why would an individual join an organization and carry out such behavior? Sumi's initial intentions of joining Cop Watch LA have long been questioned. Is she just crazy and feels a need to break apart organizations , carry out informant and snitch-like behavior, and make false accusations without considering lasting consequences? Or is she truly an undercover informant on a payroll?

Regardless of what it may be , when Sumi was part of these organizations EVERYTHING she said and everything she did was a lie. Her actions and infringement on the safety of others was not by mistake it was deliberate.

And one thing is for sure: We can no longer allow snitches, rats, infiltrators and informants, as well as those who simulate such behavior to come into our organizations, our work spaces, our community spaces, our safe spaces, and deliberately infringe in the safety, security and working relationships of others. Then at the same time join other organizing circles and simulate working roles in the community without ever being held accountable.

Such persons must and will be confronted.
These situations must and will be addressed.

Otherwise we will never build strong communities and 20 years from now we will not be able to pass down a practical idea to our children of a revolutionary community to live for.

Sumi must be held responsible. One of the most effective ways to hold an individual responsible for something is to simply inform others. That is the purpose of this information. You do not have to believe this information simply because it is here. You can consult others in the community in person as there are countless people who can vouch for every word in this document.